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Our state of the art technology along with our commitment to adult dentistry allows us to select the most proven and effective patient- and comfort-focused technologies available. This ensures you will be completely satisfied with the process and the results.

Intraoral Camera Helps Catch Problems Early

The Intraoral Camera is considered to be one of the most significant advancements in dental care. This mini video camera moves around inside the mouth and generates a tooth-by-tooth examination. These images allow us to identify potential problems such as cracks or breaks in teeth, bacterial plaque and tartar, decay, gum disease and defective fillings. This system allows you to see exactly what we see and helps make it easier for you to understand your dental needs. We adopted this technology in 1986, and have continued to update to the latest technology used for this procedure.

Digital X-Rays Mean Cavities Can’t Hide

We’ve chosen Computerized Digital Radiography because this technology reduces the amount of radiation required by up to 90 percent, compared to traditional dental x-rays. Because these x-rays are computer-generated images, they are available immediately. That means less time waiting and more time treating dental problems they may identify. Digital x-rays can detect issues traditional x-rays cannot. For example, cavities can be detected and treated at an earlier stage through digital x-rays. We have been using this technology since 1998!

The Next Step in Cavity/Decay Detection

One of the most important additions we’ve made to our preventative care technology I the use of fiberoptic transillumination, in the form of the CariVu detection device.  We purchased this instrument about 2 months after it was first introduced at the 2016 Chicago midwinter Meeting.  This instrument uses near infrared light and a sensor combined with advanced computer software to detect the presence of cavities that cannot be seen visually or are questionable on an X-ray. It also opens up a new way of detecting fractures in both teeth and around fillings. As it uses non-ionizing radiation, it is ideal for children, pregnant women and patients who are X-ray averse.

“This image is a CariVu image showing decay in the yellow circle and a fracture by the red arrow, next to an old silver filling.”

Prep Start System:  An Alternative to the Dental Drill

Using the Prep Start system, Dr. Greg can treat tooth decay at an earlier stage while preserving more of a healthy tooth.  Prep Start uses a stream of pressurized air to carry 27-micron particles to precisely spray away decay from a tooth.

The benefits of Prepstart include:

  • Potentially reducing the need for future crowns by using less tooth reduction for today’s filling.
  • A cavity surface that is ideal for use with tooth-colored (composite) fillings.
  • Faster filling preparation time
  • Usually, more comfortable treatment because of a deduction in heat and vibration.

Spectra Cavity Detection System

Early cavity detection is one of the most important things we can do for our patients. It allows us to protect your teeth from further decay and possible abscess, and it helps us keep your teeth healthy.

For decades, the old tried-and-true method for finding cavities was the good old dental “pick” (explorer). However, in the mid to late 1990’s it was not as reliable as it had been in the past.  This was because decay had become more difficult to locate due to the widespread use of fluoride in both drinking water and toothpaste. Fluoride hardens the enamel to the point where the explorer could not locate the microscopic areas that were starting to decay, just because of the diameter of the explorer’s tip. This literally caused the tooth to decay from the inside out!

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